Winter 2013/2014 Wettest on Record


Winter 2013/2014 was the wettest winter on record in some areas!

Met Eireann reports


Rainfall totals were well above Long-Term -Average (LTA) everywhere. Percentage of LTA values ranged from 143% at Finner with 510.1mm, to 208% at Carlow Oakpark with 460.5mm. Over 50% of stations across the country reported it was the wettest winter on record. Valentia Observatory reported its wettest winter since records began in 1866 (148 years) with 848.0mm and 183% of LTA, while Malin Head reported 530.7mm, 164% of LTA its wettest winter since records began in 1885 (129 years). Shannon Airport had its wettest winter on record (68 years) while Mullingar reported its wettest winter on record (63 years) with 531.3mm and 444.5mm respectively. Other stations in the South, East and West reported their wettest winter in 6 to 57 years. The wettest day of the season was at Ballyhaise on the 17th February with 34.5mm, its wettest winter day since 2008 (6 years). The number of wet days (day with 1 mm or more) ranged from 50 at Phoenix Park to 80 at Newport.


Mean air temperatures were on or above LTA everywhere except for Cork Airport and Markree. Differences ranged from 0.1°C below at Cork Airport and Markree with a mean temperature of 5.7°C and 5.5°C repectively to 1.1°C above at Phoenix Park with a mean temperature of 6.3°C. Almost all stations recorded their maximum temperature of the season on the 12th December, with the season’s highest maximum temperature of 15.2°C at Finner and Malin Head on the 12th, Malin Head’s highest maximum for winter since 1948 (66 years). Knock Airport reported 12.8°C on the 12th December its highest maximum on record for winter (17 years). Many stations recorded their highest maximum temperatures for winter in 6 to 15 years. Lowest minimum temperatures were the highest for winter on record at many stations, Shannon Airport reported its highest minimun for winter in 68 years, while grass minima were the highest for winter in 6 to 42 years.


Percentage of LTA values ranged from 77% at Knock Airport with 114.8 hours to 116% at Dublin Airport with 217 hours. The highest daily sunshine amount for winter was 8.8 hours at Dublin Airport on the 27th February. The number of dull days over the season (days with less than 0.5 hrs sunshine) ranged from 19 at Malin Head to 48 at Knock Airport.
Winds were above average for winter with storm force winds on occasions. Dublin Airport’s winter mean windspeed value of 14.4 knots (26 km/h) was its highest since 1943 (71 years), Shannon Airport reported its highest winter mean windspeed in 31 years with 12.3 knots (23 km/h), while some stations in the South had their highest mean windspeeds in 24 years. The highest gust of the season was 86 knots (159 km/h) at Shannon Airport on the 12th February, its highest for winter on record (68 years), while the highest mean speed was 65 knots (120km/h) at Mace Head on the 12th February.


A new record maximum wave of 25 metres was reported at the Kinsale Energy Gas Platform on February 12th.

Highest seasonal total: 848.0 mm at Valentia Observatory (its wettest winter since 1866)
Lowest seasonal total: 273.5 mm at Dublin Airport (its wettest winter since 1995)
Highest daily rainfall: 34.5 mm at Ballyhaise on February 17th (its highest winter daily fall since 2008)
Highest mean seasonal temperature: 7.9°C at Sherkin Island
Lowest mean seasonal temperature: 4.6°C at Knock Airport
Highest temperature: 15.2°C at Malin Head & Finner on December 12th (Malin Head’s highest winter maximum since 1948)
Lowest air temperature: -4.3°C at Mullingar on February 10th
Lowest grass minimum temperature: -9.2°C at Mullingar on January 14th
Highest seasonal total: 217.0 hours at Dublin Airport
Lowest seasonal total: 114.8 hours at Knock Airport
Highest daily sunshine: 8.8 hours at Dublin Airport on February 27th

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